About Us


The first traditional Italian Gelato in Galle, Sri Lanka! Freshness and authenticity guaranteed with imported ingredients and traditional ice-cream machine specially brought down from Italy, bringing to you delicious Italian Gelato right to our sunny shores!

Proudly brought to you by the owner of the renowned Pedlar’s Inn Cafe, Mr Azeez Abdul and our Italian Master Chef, Signor Mike Da Ros.

Our Story


We have a lovely and quaint lounge upstairs with air-conditioning that seats 10 people comfortably and a clean restroom for our guests. Most though, love to have a short respite on our “boat benches” along the sidewalk to rest their feet and people-watch while enjoying their gelato. Of course, feel free to take in the sights of the Galle Fort with a cone in hand!


Mike comes from a family line that has been in the gelato business for more than 40 years. He learnt his trade from his father, Marino Da Ros who has a successful gelato business in Germany till this day and he has a great story to tell too.

Mike has proven to have the same passion and flair in making gelato as good as his father and started assisting his father even as a child. He takes pride in his work with precision and exacting standards, producing quality taste and the just-the-right texture. He also has a 3 day policy whereby he disposes gelato that is not sold within 3 days so every patron gets only the best! He promises there will be no compromise on quality and based on our customers’ feedback so far, we have only raving reviews!



The flavours varies daily since we have more creations than the current display can hold. We have also introduced Gelato Milkshakes since mid-December 2013 which is such a premium treat. On top of that we are looking forward to launch our Spaghetti Ice for the first time in Sri Lanka.

It all began with Mike’s vacation to Maldives in 2007 where he met Sifath, who is currently managing Pedlar’s Inn Jewellery. They forged a firm friendship and after 2 years, Mike visited Sifath in Sri Lanka where Sifath introduced Azeez, owner of Pedlar’s Inn Cafe to Mike.

Azeez subsequently visited Mike and his family’s gelateria in Germany. He fell in love with the gelato and up to this very day, still raves that it is the best ice-cream he ever tasted. Thus, it wasn’t unlikely that Mike who loved his visit to Sri Lanka that 2 friends concurrently proposed a collaboration to bring the gelato to Sri Lanka.

So in January 2013, Pedlar’s Inn Gelato opened its doors right on Pedlar’s Street across Pedlar’s Inn Cafe as the first gelateria in Galle Fort.


We are open every day from 10.00am until 10.00pm. Please note we are closed on Friday afternoons from 12.00pm until 1.30pm for afternoon prayers.